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Tips for Preparation of Preliminary Exam

Every Graduate in India dreams of the most prestigious career in the nation that is IAS or Civil Services. Whether it be student, MBA,Graduate, Engineer or Doctor all aspires for this renounced job to have settled life.

Conceptual and Selective study: For the working class as they have very though time and are able to give only few hours of day for there preparation they should be very selective in study , They should just stick to syllabus and exam pattern and study on those what is required. They should avoid wasting time on studying unnecessary things which are of lesser relevance.

Strict schedule: As the working class has the most important constraints ‘time’ they should make a proper timetable and should strictly follow it .This strict schedule will help them to focus on their study pattern and also save their time.Abiding to their planned routine is must.Careless nature and delaying habit will gain no profit.

Everyday learning: IAS, as it is the most esteemed post, requires full dedication and daily learning. You can never gain success if your preparation is faulty. The best and efficient way to train yourself is to study regularly, you should read newspapers, magazines and many other study materials that will gain you quality of knowledge. In order to clear this so called though exam an addiction to books is very important.

Wise selection: There is wide range of subject for CSE. One should not make haste instead should settle their mind and with common sense in their practical matters they should select their subjects. You should select only those subjects in which you are most confident, that it will give you more grades.Form the very first test i.e prelims one has to face questions of many different subjects, therefore its difficult to opt out anything in particular, but be selective on what you can score better at.

Upgrade your General Knowledge: Preliminary round is only their to check the ability and general knowledge of the aspirants. It is very important to be familiar with current affairs, history, geography, science, sports, mathematics, economy and others, so that to score excellent grade in this exam.

Be your own publisher: For having thorough and perfect study you should make your own notes. Preparing ones own notes settles the point easily in mind . These personal notes are very helpful in last few days of revision and also you called as best last minute revision books.

Acquaint with previous year papers: You should solve sample test papers. Solving previous year papers will give you confidence and will test your knowledge too. Along with studying and revisions you should also solve previous year papers and other sample test papers available in the books or online.

Full determination: Wise pattern of study and dull dedication is all required to clear this exam. You should not loose your focus . If one has full focus which is backed with a good preparation then you will not have to fear about result.

Stick to you job: Don’t resign from your job to prepare for this exam, your present job is like a blessing to you in disguise. Other candidates who only sits and prepare for exam have a feeling of insecurity in mind .You on the other hand already have job and thus you have a fall back option.

Make maximum use of time: What we mean is utilizing your time wisely and to the fullest . You should keep handy books , atlas or newspaper with you so, that you can refer to those while travelling or whenever you have spare time. This is known as fine and smart study. Inspite of having busy day you should learn to steal time for your biggest dream also this will lessen your burden of study and enhance it further.

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