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Important Tips to prepare for IBPS PO Prelims

Maintain your composure.
Be calm and compose to have better understanding because your attitude matters a lot during the exam.
If you are in control of yourself, strategies will work out properly in the exam. And of course, this prelims will check your strategy.

Practice mock papers more and more
As always and truly said "Practice, makes one perfect". Practicing mock test papers and doing Daily Quizzes will just build up your confidence and boost you in your preparation; you will be able to analyze yourself better. So at last, just Practice, Practice and Practice. Try not to repeat the mistakes again with these practice sessions.

Get yourself well versed with the scheme of examination
Strategy and preparation only works out when you know about the exam, what the exam is all about, what it wants from you. Scheme of an examination gives you an idea and an over through of the exam in terms of syllabus, pattern, section-wise and total marks. So, just get well versed with it.

Don't get stuck with questions that is taking too long
See, there is one strategy before you. As you have already done a time management in doing each section of the exam and with your practice, you must have come across multiple questions, try to attempt all the questions in the exam. Attempting all the questions does not mean doing all the questions, it means going through all the questions, and doing that which you can do in a particular time. You have to be smart in attempting questions as these exams check your smartness, how you drive the way through the exam. Attempting easy question is not always the best strategy, sometimes which can take more time too. So, above all these, you have to decide the best questions out of them. Shortcuts, strategies only gets built up by practice.

Time management.
It’s you that can drive the exam not the exam itself. If you know how to utilize the time efficiently, then you can drive each section of the exam in a better way and in the right direction which will lead to victory.

Plan section wise
Planning is always important before an exam. Without planning, scattered things can just trigger the buzzer of nervousness and tension in the exam. Plan section wise according to your strengths and weaknesses, and accordingly attempt your different sections orderly.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses.
Your strength and weaknesses are two treasurers’ keys which are hidden. You have to analyze your strengths and weaknesses during your practice session at every step as this will enable you to work separately on them in a proper way so that you are ready for the final real game.

Stop thinking about cut-off
See as already mentioned, thinking about future which no one knows about is something exerting pressure on your brain and making it to unrest state.  Never think of cut-offs as this will just make you think more about it that will divert you from preparation. Always get ready for surprises and trust yourself fully to face the future challenges with confidence.
So, be in present, work on your strategies, and give the exam. Cut-off does not matter at all before the exam, what matters is your exam, attempts, your score. Cut-offs are just unpredictable.

Don't start anything new just before the exam
See this is another pressure cooker which can burst you up before the exam, so don't let yourself to get trapped in it. Do proper revision and practice mock tests before the exam, keep your mind calm, but never try to start something new which will just pressurize you and make you nervous.

Be positive.
Positivity is an action and an energy which is neither being created nor destroyed but is there already within you and in your actions if you think in a right direction, be in the present and believe in yourself. Don't give up and stay positive always.

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