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IBPS RRB PO Interview Experience shared by Navjot


RRB Interview Expirence

Name: Navjot Kaur
Location: PUNJAB
Venue of Interview: Kapurthala
Date: 16/11/2015
While entering in the room, (Panel I – 3 males and 1 female)

Me: Good Afternoon Sirs, Good afternoon Mam.

M1,M2,M3,L1: Good Afternoon, Navjot.

M1: What are your qualifications?

Replied: Sir, I did my post graduation in Information Technology from Panjab University, Chandigarh.

M2: Ok, then why do you want to join bank as you are from IT sector?

Replied: It was during my college days, I came to know about the opportunities in banking sector. So I chose to appear for banking exams. With the Indian Government promoting financial inclusion, agriculture and manufacturing banks play a very important role in reaching these goals. So I really want to be a part of banking sector.

M1: Why do you want to work in RRB, you will be posted in rural area.

Replied: Sir, I am also from a village so I can easily interact with rural people and can tell them about various schemes.

M1: When was RRB established and why?

Me: Sir, RRBs were established in 1975 on the recommendation of Narsimhan committee and created primarily for the rural areas of India and farmers with basic banking and financial services.

M3: So you are from Hoshiarpur. Tell me something about Hybrid Maize.

Replied: Sorry sir, I don’t know about.

M1: Hmm. Navjot how many Mega bytes are there in 1 GB.

Replied: Sir, 1024 Mega Bytes.

M1: Okay Good. (Smiled)

Lady: Is there any account in which if we deposit some amount of money and can withdraw more than that?

Me: (I was confused). Then one member said overdraft something you know about that?

Me: Yes… Yes…. Yes… sir overdraft facility in which one can withdraw more money.

All penal members laughed yes.. yes.. Navjot we were asking about that.

Me: Yes sir in PMJDY  overdraft facility  provided. Account holders who have linked their Aadhar number with this account can use this.

M2: Good. Aam admi ka ahdikar Aadhar (Smiled)

So you read newspaper daily. Tell me about INDRA.

Me: Sir it is a joint army exercise between INDIA and RUSSIA.

M3: Very Good.

M1: So Navjot what is the interest charged for current account?

Me: (There’s no interest for Current accounts)

So I said sir current account?

M1: Yes Yes

Me: Sir there’s no interest charged on current account they are for industrialists and firms etc.

M1: (smiled) Yes you are right. Good.

M2: Do you know about cards?

Me: Yes sir Debit card, Credit card, Pre-paid card

M3: What are Debit and Credit cards?

Me: Sir, credit card is issued by a financial company giving the holder an option to borrow funds. Credit cards charge interest and are used for short-term financing and on the other side in a debit card transaction, the amount of a purchase is withdrawn from the available balance in the cardholder’s account. If the available funds are insufficient, the transaction is not completed.

M3: Yes. Mam now you ask.

Lady: Do you know about CC?

Me: Mam CC?

Lady: Yes Cash credit.

Me: Sorry I don’t know about that..(I was not sure)

M1: Do you know about Giani Zail Singh?

Me: Yes sir he’s the 7th President of India and was also chief minister of Punjab and inaugurated a highway named after Guru Gobind Singh.

M1: Good.

All members: Thank you Navjot

Me: Thank you sir.

Overall it was good. They were looking satisfied.


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